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Reporting and decision tools

Download Evaluation software for a free 30-day trial period. Get online to see live demos of our Business Intelligence Solutions.

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Is your project Feasible?

To answer this question, let us perform technical and business study or economic study to gauge potential interest in your project.

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What is your Business worth ?

Ask us to asses both the value of your organization and its operational performance in the context of its activity and strategy.

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Business Plan Fundraising

How to get funded !

Save your time and let our experts quickly write a customized and compelling Business Plan to help you raise capital or sell your company.     

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Coaching &

How well are you prepared to lead change?

We offer onsite and online training programs that are specially tailored to you personal or business goals.

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Bankers and Investors love our professional writings !

BanquiersWhatever the field of activity or type of organization, Selective Invest's mission is to help entrepreneurs and project leaders to design and write ad hoc studies and business plans of excellence at affordable prices . Our team includes experienced experts in financial and accounting. Please clarify your goals and your vision, together we'll create your business documents to convince the most reluctant investors and bankers.

Fundraising services

RechercheAll businesses require cash infusions, and non profits organizations must get funding to continue providing services. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take advantage of our strategic consulting and fundraising services.

Save time and money quickly !

GagnerAt each stage of your company's life, you need efficient business documents that are well prepared, concise and objective. As a business owner or manager, you are likely to be overwhelmed with projects and do not necessarily have the right personnel for it. Let's us kwow your business documents needs and increase your chances of getting your funds, while saving time and money.

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