This hands-on conversation workshop is taught by teachers of the English mother tongue. It allows participants to progress quickly with its flexibility. Sessions are held at your premises and at times that are most convenient for you to avoid disrupting your daily activities. A balance of lecture, discussion, practice and case studies allows attendees to gain insights into their own situation.

Who should attend

Executives, managers, professionals, program and project managers, consultants, job seekers and persons planning a trip to an English-speaking country.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop fluency and linguistic self-awareness
  • Improve pronunciation and clearness in speech
  • Correct fossilized mistakes in grammar and syntax
  • Feel confident while speaking English


Our workshop will use a variety of learning techniques. These include pair work or group work discussions and individual presentations that use text book, multimedia and other materials.

Books and other materials/copies to support the teaching learning activities will be provided by the trainer.

Duration: Price: Attendance:
Up to 15 sessions of 1h.30 CHF 590.- per person1-12 persons maximum